Robotic Systems Control

This pages gathers all the relevant information for the Robotic Systems Control course and laboratory, taught at UTCluj on the winter semster of the academic year 2018-2019. Lectures You can download the presentations for each lecture here (soon to be completed): Lecture 00 (Introduction) Lecture 01 (Mathematical Background) Lecture 02 (Direct Geometric Model) Lecture 03 (Denavit-Hartenberg Convention) Lecture 04 (Inverse Kinematics) Lecture 05 (The Jacobian) Lecture 06 (Dynamic Modeling I) Lecture 07 (Dynamic Modeling II) Lecture 08 (Controller Design) Lecture 09 (Embedded programming) Lecture 10 (‘Ask me anything’ session) Lecture 11 (Drone Modeling) Lecture 12 (Mobile Robots Modeling) Lecture 13 (Sensors, Actuation, Planning) Lecture 14 (Summary) Some lectures contain animations.

Sisteme Fabricației Integrate

Pagina aceasta conține informații relevante pentru cursul și laboratorul de materia SFI, predat in UTCluj (secția Satu Mare), semestru II anul 2018-2019. Laboratoare Laboratory 01 (Transformation matrices) Laboratory 02 (Direct geometric model) Laboratory 03 (Denavit-Hartenberg convention) Laboratory 04 (Inverse kinematic model) Laboratory 05 (The Jacobian) Laboratory 07 (Dynamic modeling) Laboratory 08 (Robotic control) Working with your own laptop If you want to work with your own laptop, you should install the robotics toolbox for MATLAB by prof.