Research in Cluj

Ever since I started my PhD in the field of Biomechanics, I got infected by the idea of multi-disciplinary research. It opened my view to the world, taught me a lot of new things and allowed me to use my knowledge in new and innovative ways. That’s why I am pursuing to continue this way also in my post-doctoral research, trying to combine the fields of biomechanics rehabilitation and robotics.

One of my pains at my current post, is my weak network with other researchers in the area. This even worse in fields outside of mine, where I practically know noone. This is the results of course of not having studied or worked here in the past, but I think that it is also because of the mentality of the people here: researchers don’t like to collaborate and prefer to have total ownership of their ideas and work.

Or at least this is how it was with the older generation of academics…

I have the feeling that this is different with the younger researchers, but due to lack of experience (knowing that things can happen differently) and lack of resources (if your lab is not networked, it is difficult for you to get a network). That is why, I decided to start a new meetup group with the purpose of giving the chance to researchers in Cluj to network among each other and to exchange ideas, foster collaborations and learn from each other.

The format of the meetings will be to have mainly presentations for the group on their current or past research activities in order to learn new things and help each other overcome our problems. However, to keep things interesting we will plan ‘special’ meetings with a different format as well. Some of the ideas for the special meetings are:

  • Invite high level researchers from the area or abroad to give a talk
  • Present and analyse interesting papers in the group
  • Organise debates on topics relating to research
  • Lightning talks

Finally we agreed to meet every two weeks, on a different day every time. First meetup was on a Monday, then the next one was two weeks on Tuesday, then two weeks on Wednesday and finally two weeks afterwards on Thursday. We avoid Fridays as they are very busy for everyone. After four meetups, we rotate and start over again on a Monday.

If you want to follow the group, here are some ways:

So it seems there is a lot of interest and enthusiasm, which is very motivating.

In case you are interested to join, you can find a list of our next meetups on our calendar!