Easy time tracking

One of the most important tool in my productivity toolbox, is a way to keep track of what I have to do and what I have been doing. I’ve tried all kind of tools for the job, from simple note taking with pan and paper, to modern task management platforms with mobile apps and web applications. I somehow was never really satisfied, the main reason being that I haven’t found a solution that allows me to do both of these things in a satisfactory way.

Less trouble with automatic back-ups: a new cinnamon app

Some years ago, I had a bad situation where I got my laptop stolen… yes, I was stupid, I left the laptop in my car in plain view. Yes, I was stupid and I parked in a quite dangerous zone of the city. But even worse, yes I was stupid and I didn’t have a back-up! Since, wise people learn from their mistakes, I decided to always keep a back-up since then.