Research in Cluj First Meetup

The first meetup for ‘Research in Cluj’ has just happened, and it was fully of enthusiastic people and very interesting discussions. Out of 13 people that RSVPed they will join, 12 actually showed up, which is a very encouraging number for such a kind of meeting.

We got to know each other, presented our backround, shared our experiences and current occupation and frustrations in the research system. And eventually we created a plan for the future meetups and their format. It seems that most of us are really looking forward more networking possibilities among researchers, and even more with researchers from totally different fields. Therefore a primary goal of the group will be to reach out to people from different fields and backgrounds.

The format of the meetings will be to have mainly presentations for the group on their current or past research activities in order to learn new things and help each other overcome our problems. However, to keep things interesting we will plan ‘special’ meetings with a different format as well. Some of the ideas for the special meetings are:

  • Invite high level researchers from the area or abroad to give a talk
  • Present and analyse interesting papers in the group
  • Organise debates on topics relating to research
  • Lightning talks

Finally we agreed to meet every two weeks, and evaluate how is it going. I will keep you update of how things are going, but if you want to follow the group, here are some ways:

So it seems there is a lot of interest and enthusiasm, which is very motivating.

Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics
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