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I’ve been hosting my own website for almost 7 years now, switching from different platforms, themes and content. But since the very beginning, it has been hosted in the namecheap servers. It’s a very nice service and I’m very satisfied with their products and customer service.

Since a couple of years ago, namecheap started offering free TLS certificate issuing for all their hosting products, which is pretty awesome. They offer certificates that are valid for the duration of your hosting contract and they make them available from their website after you login. Even though my website is (for some weeks now) a simple static website and no extra security is really needed, I am always in favor of encryption and security. Therefore I wanted for a while now to issue a certificate and install it on my website.

My first attempt was back in Spring 2016, but it was rather short lived. I followed the instructions on the namecheap customer support pages, but got stuck in a very important detail: I needed an official entity that would apply for the issuing of the certificate. That means either a company or a NGO that would own the website and that would appear as the official entity that the certificate was issued for. Since I don’t have such a thing, I gave up the whole endeavor. A few days ago, I decided to give another try, and this time I read the instructions a bit more carefully: I could ask for a certificate, even if I don’t have a legal entity. The certificate would be of less value, but I could still do it.

So, after a few minutes of clicking around, I manage to request, issue and install a TLS certificate for my personal website. Now, you can browse my website in a secure way, by adding ‘https’ in the beginning of the URL. Not that it will add much to your experience, but this small step can help make the web a safer and nicer experience :) Hope that you appreciate the effort.

Tassos Natsakis
Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics
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