January 2018

About two years ago, I started trying an experiment, inspired by a post on the blog of a friend: I was writing every month a short blog post with the highlights of my life that month. Even though it started nicely the first month, I eventually felt a bit weird posting all those things on my personal website (I am a small privacy freak in case you don’t know already). So I stopped.

But I still believe in the power of sharing things, and decided to transform this concept a little bit. Instead of sharing what I did the whole month, I will share my learning experiences. This way I might be able to inspire others, but more importantly it will help me feel better about the use of my time (if I see aggregated all the things I am learning).

So here’s a short list of what I learned last January:

  • Remembered how to operate and program the FANUC robot in our laboratory (I cannot remember the type right now).
  • Learned how to use AASM, a ruby gem for implementing State Machines in your software.
  • I learned how to use Single Table Inheritence in rails applications. A really really powerful tool that helped a lot in our architecture.

This is it for the moment. Probably there are tons of other things that I learned, but I am forgetting right now. I will update this post of I remember something ;)

Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics
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