Structuralism and Mythology

If you know me a little, you know that I have a deep interest in philosophy. Not only that I like philosophising about things, but I actively try to learn more about it and its history. I started reading History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel this year for instance, a bit endeavour that will probably take a whole year to complete. But that’s just one example.

A long time ago, I discovered a pretty nice podcast on philosophy for beginners. It started as an experiment in 2013 from its creator Steven West and it still goes one after 5 years and 123 episodes. The quality is not always great, but what I appreciate about it is the down to earth, honest take on some of the most important philosophical ideas of humanity. The guy also has a great sense of humour and puts a lot of effort in explaining things with every day examples.

A while ago I stopped listening (since I stopped walking to work) but recently I decided to take my old habbit back again (since I started walking to work again :) ). And today, I re-listened two of his best and most relevant episodes until now. It’s a series of two episodes on Structuralism and Mythology. They are kinda stand-alone episodes, so no prior knowledge on philosophy is required, and they are very relevant for the flourishing of demagogy and populism that we experience in the world lately. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is interested in philosophy (of course!) but also to those interested in the instruments of populism and demagogy.

You can find them on Philosophize this website or in the youtube videos bellow.

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